Friday, May 2, 2008

Depicting Mosleems as hostile and vindictive humans are always easy for west instead of confessing themselves as one. To make the situation serious, no one ever rise to defence us, or at least tell out the world that we are not in fact!

"Jews were the wealthiest people in Egypt and many Muslim countries," Qaradawi.

Look at it. Its the real fresh latest of today's news 3rd May 2008. If only we are that 'so hostile' as are (almost always) portrayed by west, of course it wont end up like this.

What has drive the world of today to accept and admit the very wrong perception of Mosleems???

1.Where are you the Salehuddin al-Ayyubi of ummah? 23 y.o
2.Where are you the Umar al-Khattab who once bravily strapped on his sword towards Quraisy when out for Hegira?
3.Where are you the Muhammad al-Fateh to lead this big yet docile ummah? 23 y.o

These figures inspired us much to be someone to this ummah. Ironically they are the shabab/youngsters (just like us) in the era..



dalili said...

hohoho... chemistry.. i've been thinking about hassan al-banna's advice about youngsters potentials too... but still, Qardawi said that? hoho... really a shame lah~~

dr muthiah said...

awak dah jadi murabbiah ya?

doa dari diriku yg hina ini mengiringimu..


Ahmedkzaman said... knal jek ayat2 tuh..
cam curik idea jek..heheh..
xpe2..utk jln dakwah..insyaAllah..

dr muthiah said...

oh ye ke amed..?
akak tak perasan pula..
maaf andai tercopy idea awak..

sebenarnya, semua orang sedang terfikir tentang potensi diri masing2 kerana kita memang mampu jadi seperti mereka(sahabat2)

insya allah

dalili said...

murabbiah? hehe.. cam x layak je dipanggil camtu. lg seswai jadik pemantau perkembangan fikrah shbt2 kot.. entry yg ditulis tu terpost sbb tgh byk mslh tuh. jgn terpengaruh. haha... thanks for the doa anyway!

dr muthiah said...


a million steps wont be achieved
unless today u step it out one!